Basic molecular biology:

・DNA/RNA extraction

・DNA/RNA purification

・Complementary DNA/RNA synthesis



・Gel purification

・Transformation (E. coli)

・Plasmid DNA isolation/purification (Mini- & Midi-prep)


・Library preparation for Sanger sequencing

・Library preparation for Next-generation sequencing (NGS), Illumina

・Agilent Bioanalyzer


Cell culture:

・Primary culture (reptile liver, gonad)

・Maintenance of cultured cells (HEK293)

・Transfection (HEK293)


・Two-electrode voltage-clamp recording (Xenopus oocyte)

・Whole-cell patch-clamp recording (HEK293)

・Ca2+ imaging (HEK293 or primary culture cells, Fluo4)

Software & Programming:

・MEGA (sequence analysis, sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis)

・R (statistical analysis, phylogenetic analysis, plots)

・Perl (formatting data)

Field-work on:

Anolis lizards in Cuba

・Schlegel's Japanese gecko (Gekko japonicus)

・Swallowtail butterfly (Papillio xuthus)

・Chestnut tiger butterfly (Parantica sita)

・Yellow dung fly (Scatophaga stercoraria) & its close relative (Scatophaga suilla) in Switherland

Behavioral experiments:

・Heat avoidance behavior of small lizards

・Biting force measurement of small lizards