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査読有論文(Peer-reviewed Publications

Akashi, H.*, H. Yamamoto, and S. Miyagawa. The Müllerian duct development and regression in the Reeves’ turtles, Mauremys reevesii, under female- and male-producing temperatures. submitted.

Akashi, H.*, M. Kubota, H. Yamamoto, K. Miyaoku, G. Yamagishi, and S. Miyagawa. 2022. Chronology of embryonic and gonadal development in the Reeves’ turtle, Mauremys reevesii. Scientific Reports 12:11619. DOI:

Blanckenhorn, W. U.*, D. Berger, P. T. Rohner, M. A. Schäfer,
H. Akashi, and R. J. Walters. 2021. Comprehensive thermal performance curves for yellow dung fly life history traits and the temperature-size-rule. Journal of Thermal Biology 100:1–9. DOI:

Akashi, H.* 2021. Thermal sensitivity of heat sensor TRPA1 correlates with temperatures inducing heat avoidance behavior in terrestrial ectotherms. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9:1–9. DOI:

Miyaoku, K., Y. Ogino, A. Lange, A. Ono, T. Kobayashi, M. Ihara, H. Tanaka, K. Toyota,
H. Akashi, G. Yamagishi, T. Sato, C. R. Tyler, T. Iguchi, and S. Miyagawa*. 2020. Characterization of G protein-coupled estrogen receptors in Japanese medaka, Oryzias latipes. Journal of Applied Toxicology 41:1–10. DOI:

Horie, M.
*, H. Akashi, M. Kawata, K. Tomonaga. 2021. Identification of a reptile lyssavirus from Anolis allogus provides novel insights into the evolution of lyssaviruses. Virus Genes 57:40–47. DOI:

Toyota, K., S. Masuda, S. Sugita, K. Miyaoku, G. Yamagishi,
H. Akashi, and S. Miyagawa*. 2020. Estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1) agonist induces ovarian differentiation and aberrant Müllerian duct development in Chinese soft-shelled turtle, Pelodiscus sinensis. Zoological Studies 59:1–8. DOI:

Akashi, H., P. J. Chen, T. Akiyama, Y. Terai, M. Wakakuwa, Y. Takayama, M. Tominaga, and K. Arikawa*. 2018. Physiological responses of ionotropic histamine receptors, PxHCLA and PxHCLB, to neurotransmitter candidates in a butterfly, Papilio xuthus. Journal of Experimental Biology 221:1–9. DOI:

Cádiz, A., N. Nagata, L. Díaz, Y. Suzuki-Ohno, Y. Echenique-Díaz,
H. Akashi, T. Makino, and M. Kawata*. 2018. Factors affecting interspecific differences in genetic divergence among populations of Anolis lizards in Cuba. Zoological Letters 4:1–12. DOI:

Akashi, H., S. Saito, A. Cádiz-Díaz, T. Makino, M. Tominaga, and M. Kawata*. 2018. Comparisons of behavioral and TRPA1 heat sensitivities in three sympatric Cuban Anolis lizards. Molecular Ecology 27:2234–2242, 2018. DOI:

Satoh, A., F. J. Stewart, H. Koshitaka,
H. Akashi, P. Pirih, Y. Sato, and K. Arikawa*. 2017. Red-shift of spectral sensitivity due to screening pigment migration in the eyes of a moth Adoxophyes orana. Zoological Letters 3:14. DOI:

Takii, R., M. Fujimoto, Y. Matsuura, F. Wu, N. Oshibe, E. Takaki, A. Katiyar,
H. Akashi, T.Makino, M. Kawata, and A. Nakai*. 2017. HSF1 and HSF3 cooperatively regulate the heat shock response in lizards. PLoS ONE 12:e0180776. DOI:

Akashi, H., A. Cádiz-Díaz, S. Shigenobu, T. Makino, and M. Kawata*. 2016. Differentially expressed genes associated with adaptation to different thermal environments in three sympatric Cuban Anolis lizards. Molecular Ecology 25:2273–2285. DOI:

Cádiz-Díaz, A., N. Nagata, M. Katabuchi, L. M. Díaz, L. M. Echenique-Díaz,
H. Akashi, T. Makino, and M. Kawata*. 2013. Relative importance of habitat use, range expansion, and speciation in local species diversity of Anolis lizards in Cuba. Ecosphere 4:1–33.

Tezuka, A., N. Matsushima, Y. Nemoto,
H. Akashi, M. Kawata, and T. Makino*. 2012. Comprehensive primer design for analysis of population genetics in non-sequenced organisms. PLoS ONE 7:e32314. DOI:

1) 赤司寛志, 宮川信一. 爬虫類の体温調節行動および性決定機構における温度感受性TRPチャネルの働き. 月刊細胞 53(4) 2021年3月22日


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